Review of ‘The Exchange Breakdown’

‘The Exchange Breakdown’ is a project created with the intention of providing curious students from the University of Wollongong the information that they want and need when thinking of crossing the ocean and going on exchange. The impressive project Melanie Manalo has curated shares some of the most crucial details on financing oneself, provides tips … Continue reading Review of ‘The Exchange Breakdown’


Coding Computer Generated Art

When looking for inspiration for my sketch, I decided to look at the work of Frider Nake. I took particular interest in the pioneer of computer art’s piece ‘Geradenscharen Nr. 1’. The simple use of lines positioned in clusters across the page was eye-catching and the layering of these lines added depth to the piece. … Continue reading Coding Computer Generated Art

Interpreting Instructions for Analogue Coding

When looking for inspiration for my analogue code I decided to look at the work of Agnes Martin, an American minimalist who places focus on simplicity in her artworks. Martin’s exhibited works at the Guggenheim Museum in New York features geometric shapes on clean backgrounds and often include crisp lines and pastel colours for a … Continue reading Interpreting Instructions for Analogue Coding

Digital Artefact: Learning to Code with Arduino

Over the last few weeks I have explored STEM learning and code and have created a digital artefact reflecting on my experiences. I wanted my artefact to be empowering for myself and others. I wanted to tackle coding, a specialised work that requires some skill with programming and HTML experience, and prove that with the right support, anyone can … Continue reading Digital Artefact: Learning to Code with Arduino

Introduction & Let’s Play: Briscola

For my DIGC310 digital artefact I decided to take a look at a traditional Italian card game my family has been playing for years: Briscola. I created an introductory video explaining the rules of the game, its distribution and some interesting facts. I also documented a game of Briscola I played with my Nonna … Continue reading Introduction & Let’s Play: Briscola