Bye For Now, Not Forever.

As we reminisce on my short but all the more sweet blogging experience for the beloved BCM110, I ask all fellow bloggers to hit the play button and appreciate why “I’ve had the time of my life.” — I may or may not be singing the song in my head as I continue to type.

On my glorious journey I have grown from a frightened first time blogger who had no idea what to write let alone how to write it, to an enthusiastic social media commentator (or so I would like to think) who is more than open to the wide world of opinionated blogging. I have learnt an immense amount about my fellow BCM110 students simply by looking at their often thought provoking and attention seeking blog titles, and hope that they too feel like they know me, my intense love for celebrity gossip and avid appreciation for Ellen Degeneres. — Yes, there is another Ellen related image below.

All Hail Queen Ellen

Over the past few weeks I have also come to appreciate all things media related, even the considerably flawed Media Effects Model which suggests all kids grow up to be socially awkward serial killers — err, alright then? Despite this, I can ultimately recognise just how intensely the media and all other domains impact upon the lives of individuals. I am undeniably changed by media experiences and I am sure you are too.

Upon sitting in my third lecture, it is safe to say that I now take great delight in deconstructing as many advertisements I can get my hands on, as influenced by the Semiotic Theory of Ferdinand de Saussure. It was this week in which I became aware of the significance of an implicated message, the notion of connotations and the driving force behind signs and symbols.

Whilst the week on media ownership proved to be the most challenging for myself, the crazy concentration of power yielded by these multinational media moguls is what surprised me the most. This left me with the almost unanswerable questions of what is truth and what is mere opinion, and I soon learnt that the two are almost indistinguishable in some facets of communication.

Our examination of the mediated public sphere, the debate surrounding idealised social norms and values and moreover everything Miley made up for the former topic’s toll on my mystified brain. I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t love nitpicking Miley’s spiral into what some call ultimate stardom or what others (and majority of the mediated public sphere) believe is the linchpin behind the sexualisation of young girls? 

“Oh she’s just being Miley” – A line sung by Cyrus in hit song ‘See You Again’ in 2007

Miley and the rest of us cannot deny she certainly came in like a Wrecking Ball, but she did warn us that she Can’t Be Tamed. As I delved further into the matter of the mediated public sphere, I more thoroughly understood why speculation and trivialisation surrounding our modern day issues may lead to apathy.

And that brings us to today – the day I sadly cease blogging and liking and commenting for the glorious class of BCM110. It would be a lie to say that I am completely unchanged by my experience, and as the song goes, “I owe it all to you” fellow bloggers. 

Until next time,
– Melissa


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