STOP: In the Name of Copyright Law

By simply creating this meme I am infringing on someone’s copyright licence. This licence lasts anywhere from up to seventy to one-hundred and twenty years, and by sharing content without permission, I, and everyone else I know, could be in a serious legal debacle.

Thankfully the argument of fair use to saves us from the perils of copyright law. Fair use justifies the use of copyrighted works and without fair use, the world would lack “creativity, innovation, culture and democracy” (Collins, 2008).

– Collins, Steve (2008). Recovering fair use, M/C Media Culture 11 (6).
– Mitew, T., 2015, ‘Watch, But Don’t Touch!: Copyright Structures and Industry Control’,  Lecture Notes / PowerPoint Slides, BCM112, University of Wollongong, 15 March 2015.


2 thoughts on “STOP: In the Name of Copyright Law

  1. Great post, very easy to read and to the point which was good. We are really lucky that Fair Use exists, because otherwise we’d all be breaking the law all the time. Your referencing is really good, I should probably follow in your lead and do a bit more of it. Considering posts can only be 150 words you did a good job summarising the lecture.

  2. Fantastic work on being concise and to the point in your post. Your post is very easy to read and flows really well with key content from the readings and lectures! You also did a great job creating a creative meme, keep up the good work!

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