Power to the People: Active Audiences Assemble

Our society is one that is constantly changing and evolving and as a result of the fast-paced world we live in today, the modes of communication we have engaged with have developed too. We have moved away from a monologic way of dispersing information to a system of dialogic media.


(Image Source)

The change from consumers being passive to active has resulted in a significant alteration in the way in which networks and communication methods are executed. In the 21st century we have moved away from a single, “one to one” form of expression to the “many to many” model (Shirky, 2009). The Internet in general and more notably social networking are exemplary in portraying this dialogic media move.

The world wide web and all it encompasses reaches a globalised audience, with individuals all around the world having access to information and globalised debate at their very fingertips. Take for example the wide-reaching effects of the crowdsourced HarassMap and Hollaback! Movement in promoting social justice. This new active audience has the capacity to participate and thus change the communication culture we once knew, allowing for continuous ubiquitous engagement.

– Mitew, T., 2015, ‘Will You Be My Audience? – Empowerment, Access and Participation Across Media Platforms’, Lecture / Prezi Presentation, BCM112, University of Wollongong, 30 March 2015.


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