We Remix to Renew: Remix Culture on YouTube

Remix culture is a significant part of daily life, and quite often we are unaware of this. As active “produsers”, a term coined by Axel Bruns, we as a community are essentially perpetuating crowdsourced creation and remix culture through sharing and reworking (Bruns, 2008).

By taking an image from the internet to include in a collage, by sharing an image on Meme Generator for others to caption or by using the globally acclaimed app Dubsmash, each and every one of us is contributing the the remix culture we live in.


(Image Source)

A perfect example of this remix culture in action is conveyed in A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight — one of my personal favourites included on the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel,— in which copyrighted work has been edited to become something new, adding a new layer of meaning to the former text.

Dark Lord Funk’s Harry Potter parody of the popular Uptown Funk is just another prime example demonstrating how produsers are changing the creative content landscape in favour of remix culture.

It is undeniable then, remixing is everywhere, and consequently almost everything is a remix.



5 thoughts on “We Remix to Renew: Remix Culture on YouTube

  1. Melissa this is a really good blog. Great incorporation of examples. Its short and simple but you get to the point that remixing is everywhere. Its unavoidable. Its true everything is a remix of some form whether we like it or not. Good job!

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  3. I really liked how you introduced the Remix Culture and also referred to what Bruns said himself about it! I also liked that you connected it to YouTube, so put a focus there! I had never heard of the Bad Lip Reading and thought it was quite funny (and very well done as well!). Maybe next time, you could include your personal thoughts and reflections on the topic a little bit more, other than that, interesting post with good examples!

    • Thanks for your feedback! I love Bad Lip Reading, you should check out the other parody videos they have done they are quite funny and skilfully demonstrate remixing! I will try and include personal opinion next post, thank you for the suggestion.

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