Creating Change: Craft and Digital Production

Technology has had an immense impact on day to day life and as a result has changed the way in which material creations are created, processed and experienced. We have moved away from previous means of manual production and have started to focus on digital creations.

But are former modes of craft creation and current models of digital production all that different? Do they not both result in the same outcome?

The blurring of the boundaries between the digital and material has resulted in a shift in the way in which items of artistic value are produced, but this does not necessarily mean that the final product is any less valuable depending on the form one has chosen to produce it with.

Handcrafted Knitwear

Handcrafted Knitwear

(Image Source)

3D Printed Knitwear

3D Printed Knitwear

(Image Source)

Above are images of two items produced using contrasting methods of manual creation and digital production. Do you value one item over the other, or are the equally as significant in portraying artistic expression?


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