Twitter: A Celebrity Calling?

In order to explain the vast effects of Twitter on individuals and celebrities, I have created a SoundCloud podcast exploring Twitter, its many uses and the effects this may have on one’s online persona.

Below is the transcript and reference list.


Celebrity twitter accounts are everywhere, verified by Twitter HQ with the glorified blue tick. Individuals such as world wide number one user Katy Perry, who has a staggering following of over 69 million users, and even the President of the United States who ranks in at the Number 3 in the most followed Twitter users, utilise this form of social networking to portray a more personal sense of self to those who choose to receive their updates.

What happens when the professional sense of self is blurred with an online persona? Are the outcomes always positive for those who choose to interact with an online audience?

I say no.

Take for example Amanda Bynes. Recently diagnosed with bi-polar and manic depression, according to a tweet she wrote in November of 2014, the celebrity exposed a negative online persona, tainting her image. Bynes was criticised for her abusive and inappropriate tweets to other popular individuals including Rhianna and Drake.

Amanda Bynes is not the only celebrity to expose a negative online persona however. Celebrities often do this on a regular basis by engaging in what is commonly known as a “Twitter War’. The most popular ‘Twitter Wars’ to date include the feud between Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose, Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton, and more recently a riff between Zayn Malik, Naughty Boy and Louis Tomlinson. By interacting in such feuds, celebrities not only rile up their opposing stars, but cause issues between fandoms, which is a whole other issue in itself.

However, celebrities are not the only people to succumb to the negative effects of social networking. Many use Twitter as a form of expression, often sharing their deepest opinions with the followers they accumulate. But what happens when you ‘hate tweet’? Do those you are calling ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’, online even see these tweets?

The answer is yes.
Yes everyone can see your tweets once you make them, and they can be easily favourited, screenshotted or retweeted to millions of others in a matter of seconds. All it takes is a few words to be spread around.

Sure sharing opinions is easy when you are given the platform to express what you feel. But be mindful of who is seeing your tweets, what effect they can have and how they will be interpreted by others.

Be aware of your online persona, an important lesson we all ought to learn.



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