Apple: The Company That Keeps on Giving

As many of you would already know, the time has come. Apple has released yet another range of smartphones dubbed the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. What a time to be alive.


For those of us stuck in the dark ages, – also known as the users of the iPhone 4 and beyond -, this should not be surprising to say the least. Apple’s closed iOS programming system is significantly less popular than its leading competitor Android, with Android coming out on top with an 81.5% market share, (Apple’s is only14.8%). Apple’s desire to overtake the open and generative Android corporation in market sales and popularity globally has meant the conglomerate must be always and continually advancing.

For users of Apple products, this can seem like a never-ending cycle. As one device is purchased, a new and more technologically advanced one is released in a month or so. This can be costly (and stressful), as the Sydney Morning Herald has reported that one of Australia’s major telco’s, Telstra, has named a price, “its lowest-tier plan is $87 per month for the 16GB iPhone 6s, including 1GB of data per month over two years.

So is that ‘new phone’ feeling worth it? I personally am happy to be back in the ‘dark ages’ with my trusty and yet not so technologically advanced iPhone 4.



14 thoughts on “Apple: The Company That Keeps on Giving

  1. I had a similar post. I have a iphone 5C (The plastic made me feel like i would drop it less, this is not true…)
    I think the innovation that apple provides and the constant NEW products they create e.g. the pencil they have just created stops us from getting impatient. Apple is always 1 step ahead. But to keep up with the times it is costly!! An iphone outwrite is atleast $1000 as it’s advertised here on JB HI-FI
    Nice blog! and meme! im loving the topics we cover, people have such interesting ideas! 🙂

    • Thanks Chloe! I remember reading your post too (I think I commented on it also) and found the whole Apple reinvention process so interesting. I honestly can’t believe how much hype is surrounding the new products they release – I know I get excited a little until I see the price haha! I have dropped my iPhone 4 a number of times and it has survived the concrete and tiles (I hope I don’t jinx myself now).
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I have to disagree with the comment above, as by this link,iphone-6/ you can clearly distinguish the lack of value you get with an iPhone. The Nexus 4 is significantly older and has almost identical capabilities. Apple rely purely upon consumer loyalty, and not innovation – if I’m going to spend 650 dollars, I’ll get a phone that I can customise, that has a much more advanced processor, higher resolution, innovative features and all for less money. Interesting post.

    • I read the post on the website, and I understand where you are coming from. For a significantly less price why not get something customisable? I think you put it perfectly, “Apple rely purely upon customer loyalty,” I think this is exactly the case! Thanks for the insightful comment, it really made me question my original ideas.

  3. This genuinely shocks me that Android overtakes Apple in terms of market share. Overtime I have been a user of both systems and I’ve come out as a loyal Apple user. However, Apple is limited in terms of personalisation because of the wall garden protecting its brand name. I suppose this is what we pay for though, the brand name. There’s still issues with chargers and battery life yet we are still attracted to the sleek design of the Iphone every time.

    I believe Android’s popularity stems from it customisation features. They’re a lot more diverse in comparison to Apple’s.

    Good job on the blog 🙂

    • Hi Remy,
      I agree, despite all the technical issues that come with Apple products the brand name is what seems to be keeping it in the market. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Those are shocking statistics that Android is actually more popular than Apple in terms of their market share. I for one tried to convert from team Android to team iPhone and I was back with my iPhone only 6 months later. I’m not sure what it is that is so attractive about the iPhone when you look into the finer details of how controlled it actually is in terms of customisation and personalisation. Our phones are one of our most valuable possessions, and many hold numerous amounts of information, messages and images. Why is it then that Apple is so powerful and successful, when in essence they’re babying us – giving us small allowances of freedom, yet we’re paying top dollar?

  5. Oh wow, an iPhone 4, I had a friend who recently upgraded to an iPhone 6S from a 4 and was so proud of her haha! But I totally understand where you are coming from, it seems pretty ridiculous to continually need to keep up with these ridiculous advancements Apple brings out. Luckily I have received a 5 and a 6, and due to my 24 month plans, by the time my most recent one is up there will probably be a iPhone 7. I just contradicted myself, but I like to be with the times! However, very interesting facts about the market share that Android holds, was not aware of that.

    • What can I say? I would love love love to own an iPhone 6 but unfortunately I don’t trust myself enough to have a plan (data usage is my biggest downfall) and also don’t want to pay for a new one outright! Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Nice review on both products, IOS and Android. But I couldn’t help but to notice how you did affirm that Apple is leading Android on a 14.8%. I really find this very hard to believe as Android’s percentage is very much lower than I had expected.

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