11 thoughts on ““Today, Australian Privacy Ends” – Metadata and Cyber-Surveillance

  1. Wow, you infographic is excellent, very informative, but also quite horrifying. Everyone loves privacy, however, sadly its something we don’t have anymore. I feel like it some ways it’s important to surveillance what we do online and through our technological devices in cases that it is deemed necessary, however, it does put a lot of innocent people at risk of hacking. Great blog post again!

  2. Melissa, as always great post and infographic that was useful in getting the important points involved in Australian privacy and surveillance without making it long and boring. Everyone feels that they have the right to privacy; but unfortunately due to technology and the online web, nothing can be left private anymore. Very good use of resources in your post with plenty of helpful links to research further on the topic. I also found the addition of the publics reaction to the new laws very intriguing and helpful in assisting your main points. Great work!

  3. Great infographic Melissa! I appreciate the fact that you’ve included tweets from Snowden and even Telstra in the remediation, it’s a fitting addition to add extra information to the facts and figures up top. You’ve covered the basics of the new Australian metadata laws well, giving people a lot of information they need to know as the rollout has happened. Well done 🙂

  4. Fantastic infographic! I love the tweets you included at the bottom especially the last one on the bottom right. It is unfortunate that because of the nature of the internet that there is almost no such thing as privacy any more. Even while not going into depth with everything you’ve definitely done a great job at covering the basics of the new metadata laws.

  5. Very cool how you approached this topic through the recent Metadata Retention Laws that have recently gone into effect, a very original approach!
    The recent data retention laws are extremely suspect, it’s interesting how the government claims to only retain metadata of known criminals, however all ISPs are required to keep all metadata from Australian residents regardless. Also, sometimes the metadata, like for example a text, the time & date and location could be more important than the message itself. It’s a huge breach of privacy.
    As the other commenters said the tweets at the bottom by influencial people is a really nice touch to an awesome infographic.

  6. Nice job on the infographic! The details were extremely precise. Somehow, it also makes me wonder, what would our lives turn into if we are exchanging our privacies to gain full control over the Internet? Would it be worth sacrificing our privacies to join into this Metadata Retention Laws?

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