Twitter: A Celebrity Calling?

In order to explain the vast effects of Twitter on individuals and celebrities, I have created a SoundCloud podcast exploring Twitter, its many uses and the effects this may have on one's online persona. Below is the transcript and reference list. Transcript: Celebrity twitter accounts are everywhere, verified by Twitter HQ with the glorified blue tick. … Continue reading Twitter: A Celebrity Calling?


Creating Change: Craft and Digital Production

Technology has had an immense impact on day to day life and as a result has changed the way in which material creations are created, processed and experienced. We have moved away from previous means of manual production and have started to focus on digital creations. But are former modes of craft creation and current … Continue reading Creating Change: Craft and Digital Production

We Remix to Renew: Remix Culture on YouTube

Remix culture is a significant part of daily life, and quite often we are unaware of this. As active “produsers”, a term coined by Axel Bruns, we as a community are essentially perpetuating crowdsourced creation and remix culture through sharing and reworking (Bruns, 2008). By taking an image from the internet to include in a … Continue reading We Remix to Renew: Remix Culture on YouTube