Netflix and the Long Tail

Netflix, established by Reed Hastings and launched in 2007, is a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service that provides audiences with the opportunity to engage with the mass media platform they are using. Netflix is a prime example of an aggregator utilising control of attention in order to successfully monetise niche markets. Netflix places a … Continue reading Netflix and the Long Tail


Twitter: A Celebrity Calling?

In order to explain the vast effects of Twitter on individuals and celebrities, I have created a SoundCloud podcast exploring Twitter, its many uses and the effects this may have on one's online persona. Below is the transcript and reference list. Transcript: Celebrity twitter accounts are everywhere, verified by Twitter HQ with the glorified blue tick. … Continue reading Twitter: A Celebrity Calling?

We Remix to Renew: Remix Culture on YouTube

Remix culture is a significant part of daily life, and quite often we are unaware of this. As active “produsers”, a term coined by Axel Bruns, we as a community are essentially perpetuating crowdsourced creation and remix culture through sharing and reworking (Bruns, 2008). By taking an image from the internet to include in a … Continue reading We Remix to Renew: Remix Culture on YouTube