Learning to Code with the Help of Arduino

Growing up as a kid I never put much thought into how the technology I used each day functioned. I never questioned how I managed to play The Sims on my Compaq Desktop PC or how said Compaq Desktop PC connected to the internet. I didn’t really care how my Neopets Pocket Game system was made, so long … Continue reading Learning to Code with the Help of Arduino


A Splendid Game Called Splendor

Upon opening the box, Splendor appeared to be a complex game that required a lot of skill and tact. After playing the game a few times it revealed that the challenge is what made Splendor so entertaining. Created and designed by Marc Andrè, Splendor is set in the Renaissance period in which gamers are merchants … Continue reading A Splendid Game Called Splendor

Watching Hindi TV as an Autoethnographer: Mahabharat and Live-Tweeting

Digital Asia

I have been a fan of Bollywood film ever since I was first introduced to the three-hour classic Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham in high school. I can quite clearly remember being amazed by the intricate details in the costumes, the set designs and the drama throughout the course of the film. Last year I even dedicated my DIGC202 project to my Bollywood film experiences through the form of a YouTube channel.

302627-kabhie-khushi-kabhi-gham (Image Source)

Wanting to stick with something somewhat familiar to me — that being my growing appreciation for Hindi culture, —  I decided to focus my autoethnographic research project on my experience of Hindi television. In doing so, I hoped to further heighten my understanding of Indian culture and thus become a more culturally aware individual.

Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyse personal experience in…

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In Retrospect: Autoethnography & State of Play — Digital Asia

It was only a few weeks ago that I attempted to expand my horizons and experience Korean gaming culture with a set of fresh eyes. This autoethnographic experience was enlightening, and brought my attention to the fact that I was ultimately an outsider when it came to eSports, gaming and Lee Jae Dong. via In … Continue reading In Retrospect: Autoethnography & State of Play — Digital Asia